Post, the First

by Marisa Siegel

Already talked about circles. About lines. About moving forward and only forward. Already but not ready; ambling. Just.

There is a theoretical and an actual point somewhere, even if it’s a circle. Because it has to be, or I would stop. Or is the point to cease.

That’s not a question. Because if it’s a fragment, you can hold it in your hand whereas the question will scuttle around. Just. Out of reach.

A question might be about fair. Slip into cliché because otherwise it’s stuck. Tell your story because it can only be yours: it is the only original idea you will ever have.

Someone said to me back then, “Write out what you want to write, and then you will be able to write it” and I was confused. The writing about was the writing.

Tenuous connections can still exist. Validity and solidity are not synonyms, although they sound nice together.

Look back. Don’t look back. Is it really a choice, what you’ve already decided just by turning, just by circling. If you hover.

Original story: I am always most ready for the next disaster.