some songs

by Marisa Siegel

There are some songs I cannot listen to because they taste like California.

When I graduated the eighth grade I was voted Most Likely to Be Famous. Even at 13, I looked askance at a promise that this poetry could be that. Ten years later, I was getting an MFA out on the West coast as far from eighth grade as possible but still with the poetry. And now – I look askance at all promises now, but also know it’s primary, the poetry.

A story is always a line. A story can be a circle. Everything is a conscious choice here.

If you cannot lie, you will end up believing what you say aloud. If you say it to yourself, you’ll be able to lie. Aloud there is resonance. If I were sounding this out loud, I’d have more of you listening.

If you cannot lie, you will have trouble. But there are some songs that I need to hear no matter where I have run off to: never is a promise in my life suite: judy blue eyes moon river circle game mama you’ve been on my mind it’s only a paper moon

you will. you? will. you? will. you? will.

Of course I was going to love a circling question. Of course I would need an answer.