[Premature] Notes for 2012 July Poem

by Marisa Siegel

The writing about is the writing, and I won’t pretend this year. This year will be important, so even though it is always July, again this July will be important and so will the July poem.

Question: Is every July important? Answer: No, but most are significant in some way.

What happens in July, all of it. Will I write the poem at the beginning or the end?

Last year, I believe I wrote it toward the end, near my birthday. Last year in July the sky was just about to fall. Last year in July E. and I drove six hours to see Bright Eyes play in an unbearably, endearingly small town upstate. The band stayed at our hotel. Oh, and the day before we left for the show, I slipped getting on the train to go to work. And then July ended.

Why I am so preoccupied: I don’t know. (These are just notes, after all.)

As for the getting ahead of myself, of course. The only way I know to go. And I’m not apologizing.

Here’s when I apologize: When I feel that I’ve hurt you. Here’s when I don’t: When I feel that you’ve hurt me.

It is always July again, and it has to be. Because I’m, somewhat surprisingly, thinking of Frost; because there are miles to go. And there are fences to be rebuilt.

(Side note: What would happen if I didn’t delete anything. If this were unedited but for grammar and safety.)

Probably before July I should work on translating. The July poem won’t be written on here, but I’ll post it later. Tomorrow, I’ll post last year’s.

What I love about notes, about an outline.