Scene & Problem

by Marisa Siegel

I haven’t set the scene on purpose.

If you’ve already decided you should go. Finish the circle/you can never finish a circle. That’s a problem.

The cursor is disappearing, again. A different kind of problem. If I draw the lines.

If you are still concerned with possible maybe that’s another kind of problem. This isn’t about passing. If I deviate, it’s a choice. Does that make it a problem? (Possibly.) Deciding is as clean a line as a moment drawn out into a better shape. A resetting of system.

Finding a fix was never the problem.

I haven’t set the scene but maybe the scene sets itself. A circle spins and I pretend I’m involved. An observer of the circles of the lines. It’s always summer unless we’re talking about snow. It’s always a basement, a bedroom unless we’re talking about sun.

A broken watch isn’t keeping time.