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Month: August, 2012

An exclusion or an allowance

I hate statistics. Unreasonably sure statements of fact, missing piece of person stuck to assurance. Look at it this way: If you tell me that the odds are 50/50, I know which side of the 50 I’m on. It’s not pessimistic so much as accurate, a statistic itself. You try to hold yourself accountable. Words carry varying amounts of weight. The need to account for the why becomes overwhelming. What lives behind a number, in corner, in a fold. There is possible exception. An exclusion or an allowance or both at once.


Pulled, flat out stretched     unbroken
Text that breathes     which stifle
Overpower and overwhelm
Folded flower

Broken, a fix     word that fixes

A substantial, substitution
Smolder and ash      flipped
For what was worth      fraught,
Tenuous knots
Or solution, arithmetic